"Brisa hotel" is situated on the Atlantic coast of one of the most beautiful port cities galicia, Coruña. It is a place that emanates tradition and culture, in addition to the warmth of its people.
 playariazorThe Riazor area offers a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy: scenery, beaches, roads, as well as learn their customs and their culture, two minutes is the candidate who is now the heritage of mankind, the Tower of Hercules, not forgetting the house of water, the Castle of St. antón and the home of the local soccer team, the Riazor stadium.riazor3

Walking along the promenade looking into the boats after a day of fishing at the height of san pedro. Getting lost along the coast bordering El Castillo, rocky cliffs, smell of the sea. Download the auction to the port to see the fish auction, sit on the cobblestones of Orzan, remains of a fortress in St. antón and take a real octopus cap rock and the best albacore. Remember the days of General shadowslight Moore in the orillamar the castle. Walking through the narrow streets climb through irrigation water and street real, bordering elExcmo council of Corunna in the Plaza de Maria Pita. Divisada from

trasatánticos who daily visit the port of La Coruña.

But if we want to enjoy the beach less than 100 m we Riazor beach.


A beach that opens towards the atlantic and that is divided by a breakwater with mirador included, giving way to the zone orzan .. jardines

Coged backpack that we route!, We descend down to the beach on foot sand cap, the park holy margarita, stopping at the planetarium and visiar its cultural offerings ...
Get off at the beach and listen to the whisper of water running, feeling as the waves kiss

the sand. A beautiful scene can be viewed from two viewpoints which owns the beach.